Products and Services

Virtunet’s group of products and services are driven by an operative methodology that can measure any loss that results from contagions due to cyber attacks or operational issues. Individual clients and companies of all sizes can benefit from Virtunet’s state-of-the-art approach to risk mitigation.

Cyber Insurance


There’s no escaping it. Most modern financial and business transactions involve a series of interconnected computer networks and user operation on multiple interconnected digital devices. This leaves individuals and businesses alike vulnerable to a range of contagions that include both intentional attacks and systematic failures. Virtunet measures total risk of contagion and insures its clients against future losses.



Evolving Technology


As the march of technology offers greater opportunity and convenience, it also presents many looming threats. Powered by the Internet of Things, increasingly interconnected smart cities will operate with amazing efficiency, but the risk of contagious failures is slowing their evolution. Due to programmer error, smart contracts (autonomous contracts that are embodied in code on block chain platforms) have also resulted in high losses. Virtunet insures against all of these problems, allowing clients to conduct business online with confidence.



Social Networking


A cyber attack on your social media pages can cause irreparable damage on a number of levels. With Virtunet, you can protect your assets and your reputation with social network insurance. Cover your operations on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or anywhere else you try to put your best foot forward online.



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